How to Publicize Your AV Group

To have a successful and well attended AV group, it is essential to get the word out about your meeting. If people do not know about it, they will not come. To reach potential people-group-2.jpgmembers, consider where they might go to seek help (doctor’s offices, local church, local and state agencies, psychiatrist or psychologist office). Contact these professionals and ask if you can place some brochures in their offices or notices on their bulletin boards. Ask them to include your AV meeting information in their newsletters, emails and web sites. Post announcements in the community calendar section of your local newspaper, library or community center. The key is to get the word out.

Ways to let others know about your meeting are to:

  • Put small classified ads in your local newspapers and neighborhood bulletins.
  • contact local churches and ask them to put information about your meeting in their church bulletins. Make sure the information is in your own church bulletin.
  • Contact your local Christian radio stations and ask if they would help spread the word. They have to provide Public Service Announcements for free.
  • Post notices in grocery store and Christian book store bulletin boards.
  • Put information about the meeting on your church's web site.
  • Ask your pastor and other pastors to make announcements on a regular basis before or after the Sunday sermon and at church functions.
  • Ask your current meeting attendees to help spread the word. Suggest they invite their loved ones to attend. Those loved ones may want to start their own AV group just for themselves.
  • Make it clear that the meetings are open to addicts and alcoholics as well as their loved ones who are affected by their dysfunctional behavior.
  • Have AV brochures available to people as they walk in and out of your church.
  • Include an AV brochure along with your church program.
  • Email other pastors, churches and groups. If your emails are not answered, pick up the telephone and call the people in charge of the groups. Often emails are caught up in spam filters. Personal contact can work wonders.
  • Meet with local parole and probation officers and let them know what you have to offer their clients.
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