Alcoholics Victorious Manual

Eighty Pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Table of Contents

Section One:
Alcoholics Victorious History & Growth

Introduction to Alcoholics Victorious
Understanding Sin
Is Alcoholics Victorious Religious
The Alcoholics Victorious Creed
The 12 Steps and Biblical References
Our Responsibility
Alcoholics Victorious Suggested Plan for Christian Understanding
Objectives for the Christian in AV
Tips for AV Local Groups
Hallmarks of an Effective Support Group
Maintaining Your Strength to Lead Effective AV Groups
John Wesley's Small Group Rules
Strategies for Preventing Relapse
Emotional Dimension of Recovery

Section Two:
Most Frequently Asked Questions about Alcoholics Victorious

What is Alcoholics Victorious?
Who Should Attend AV Meetings?
Why a "Christian AA"
What Alcoholics Victorious is NOT
What about those with a loved one who is alcoholic?
How is Alcoholics Victorious organized?
How to form a local Alcoholics Victorious Group
How can an AV group fit into a residential recovery program?

Christian Recovery - Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Questions About Personal Recovery

Doesn't the concept of "recovery" contradict the spiritual truth of becoming a "new creation" in Christ?
How do "support groups" help the struggling addict?
Is it right for Christians to borrow ideas, principles, and techniques from the secular treatment community?
What about the "disease concept of alcoholism and drug addiction?
Isn't the "drunkard" the same person as the addict or alcoholic?
What about those who say, "Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic?"
If addicts have a genuine experience of salvation, why do they need further counseling?
Is it proper for Christians to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and use the 12 Steps and AA literature?
Why should alcoholics and addicts avoid new relationships with members of the opposite sex in the first year of recovery?
How do diet and exercise affect recovery?
How can we help the person suffering from depression?

Section Three:
Answers to Questions Related to Residential Recovery Programs

What are some special counselling concerns for women in family shelters?
How do we properly cope with the emotional distress that some staff members experience when called upon to dismiss residents for violating program rules?
What are the issues related to personal boundaries in counselling?
How should we deal with the emotional dimension of recovery?
What can we do to help program participants avoid relapse?
How can we best help graduates who relapse and return to the recovery program?
What is the proper use of drug and alcohol testing in a residential recovery program?


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