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Alcoholics Victorious (AV) is a network of Christian support groups for chemically dependent persons established in 1948. AV is not intended to replace Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-anon, or any other support group. The focus of Alcoholics Victorious is to provide a safe group environment where recovering individuals who have recognized Jesus Christ as their "Higher Power" can gather together and share their struggles and their victories. (See Why Christian AA?)

Alcoholics Victorious is a program of Christians in Recovery® a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. Learn more about Christians in Recovery.

Starting a new Alcoholics Victorious group

To establish and maintain affiliation with Alcoholics Victorious, individual groups must file an application for an annually renewable charter. Each group designates a contact person who is responsible for communication with AV Headquarters. This individual must be a Christian with at least one year of sobriety, subscribe to our Doctrinal Statement, and be in good standing both in his/her local church and in the community. A church, rescue mission or other Christian organization may serve as sponsor for local groups. (See Keys to Starting a Group).

Christians in Recovery® and AV Headquarters does not seek to exercise control over affiliated groups, but rather encourages them to function independently within their own communities. Each group is responsible for its own meeting(s) as well as all interactions and agreements entered into and associated with their individual meetings.

The role of the head office is solely one of providing materials, maintaining the web site and as a central contact uniting the network of affiliated groups.

Each local group may vary its meetings in activity and format. Meetings should be kept simple, usually no more than ninety minutes in length, with a time of fellowship and refreshments to follow. While meetings may open with a brief teaching, AV is intended to function as a support group and not as a Bible Study.


AV provides the following services to local AV groups:

  • Handling of all correspondence and inquiries directed to Alcoholics Victorious Headquarters to meet your needs as well as your group's needs (we respond to your emails almost immediately).
  • Issuing of annually renewable charters to qualified local groups. Your charter demonstrates  to others that you are indeed connected with AV and that your charter is up to date.
  • Continued development and distribution of literature and other resource materials.
  • Maintenance of the Alcoholics Victorious web site.
  • Ongoing promotion of the Alcoholics Victorious program.
  • Regular communication with chartered groups.
  • A proven program for recovery which you can follow and use.
  • Listing in the AV database of AV meetings so people can find you.
  • Listing in the Christians in Recovery database of recovery groups, ministries and organizations (again so people can find you).
  • Recognition of your group by others who are seeking a meeting that is connected with long established ministries with a proven track record.
  • Promotion of AV and your local group to the general public.
  • Helpful articles published on the web site on a regular basis that support you as a group leader and also you can use to support those in your group.
  • Guidance on how to run a successful recovery group.
  • AV frequently asked questions answered.
  • Suggested Reading.
  • Christian Recovery FAQ.
  • The Gabriel Magazine.
  • Flyers to download for your group

  • ...and much more!

Your funds help us to:

  • Provide the web sites and update them daily (Our web sites are not static. They are labor intensive and are expensive to maintain, update and publicize).
  • Update the informative content of the web sites and meeting databases on ongoing basis.
  • Continue developing our programs and materials (books, tracts, etc.) to educate and support AV group leaders and their members.
  • Publicize individual AV groups and inform the public about this valuable ministry.

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